Mother Goose Time Manipulatives Giveaway


Each month, we receive a new set of manipulatives as part of our curriculum unit from Mother Goose Time. These sets get used in a variety of ways- construction, counting, sorting, letter/color/shape concepts, sensory…you name it, they will play it. Mother Goose Time wants to share a set of manipulatives with one lucky winner. Click on the following link to enter!  Manipulative Giveaway This special runs from February 13-20!



Humpty Dumpty

This month our theme is “Nursery Rhymes”. We are working on a new rhyme each day. We found this great game to go along with our unit.

After we work together to build the wall, we take turns using a small tool and remove one block at a time, Jenga style. The goal is to remove as many blocks as possible before the wall, and Humpty, falls down. Our kiddos are loving it!

For more information about this unit and others from Mother Goose Time, please follow the link: