September’s Shape of the Month

Our “Shape of the Month” for September was a Circle!

We did a variety of  fun activities throughout the month to practice and play with circles.14203379_1133277773429854_840598848151318334_n

Weaving strings and pipe cleaners through wiffle balls kept us busy for a long time and was a fun way to play with circles.14370422_1139456549478643_2600212653833207962_n

One week in this unit was spent talking about different feelings. On one of the days, we talked about being scared, so we used baby food jars and googley eyes to make a ten eyed monster with playdoh (10 was also one of our numbers this month). 14333097_1143655275725437_6606476298414367598_n

We used paper towel tubes, milk jug lids, and small cups, just to make a simple circle collage when we were finished with the other planned activities for the day.14502926_1150937651663866_2887708481829876904_n

One of the planned lessons was a circle collage given this famous piece of art as a reference. for our Littles class, we cut out paper circles of different sizes and practiced our gluing skills. Then we used small cups, spools, and lids to add to our design.


Our preschool and Pre-K classes were able to take the paper plates and cups and trace around them before they stamped over the top with paint.


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