Pyramid Hieroglyphics

12795260_1000273850063581_7661784345823570408_n.jpgWe have been learning about Pyramids in the desert and decided to try our hand at writing hieroglyphics- they turned out great!

Our Summer Program

Looking forward to the Summer? Hiking, Camping, Swimming, Vacationing… Oh wait- the summer days are long!

What are you going to do to keep your littles busy in between all the fun adventures? How are you going to keep them learning so they don’t fall into a Summer Slump?

Our Summer program is a blast and we can work around your busy summer plans! The days will be filled with fun and learning, and maybe even a few adventures of our own!

Open to Preschool, Pre-K, and Early Elementary children (K,1,2).
Contact us now for more information!

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Welcome to Wonders!


Welcome to our New Website! We look forward to posting stories and pictures of our fun adventures and all the children are learning. This is also a good place to share important information about our program and upcoming events. Please share with your friends and family!